Attune Elixir

My skin tends to go haywire in the winter. It gets super dry, so I need an extra kick of moisture. Based on recommendations from beauty-obsessed friends, I’ve added a light body oil to my regimen this fall to avoid skin that looks like sandpaper. Taking steps to solve the problem before dryness strikes seems to be the way to go.

Any product I purchase has to work well, but to me, it’s most important that whatever I’m using is free of harmful chemicals whenever possible. Your skin soaks up ingredients like nothing else, so I live with the rule that what I put on my body should be as carefully chosen as the food I put in my body.

Enter Intelligent Nutrients’ Attune Body & Hair Elixir (a.k.a my new best friend). It’s an all-natural body oil built on a base of vanilla and vetiver that’s infused with essential oils of peppermint (for calming), ravintsara (for purifying cells) and petitgrain (for energizing and uplifting). It also has floral notes of rose and geranium. To sum it up, it smells like heaven and works wonders.

Intelligent Nutrients Attune Body and Hair Elixir Review

Like my beloved Bite Beauty lip pencils—read all about them here—this organic body oil is food grade, meaning you could ingest it and be absolutely fine (how’s that for healthy ingredients?). Here’s how I’ve been integrating it into my beauty regimen:

Immediately after showering—when your skin is still damp—use one pump of elixir on each leg and massage it upwards starting at your feet (working from the bottom up helps blood circulate to your heart). Use one pump total for your abdominal area and lower back, and use one pump total for both arms. Light body oil after a shower is the best feeling. It locks in moisture and nutrients like nothing else and no other lotion is necessary.

Attune’s aroma mixed with shower steam is spa-like, my muscles feel refreshed after using it, and I wake up the next morning with skin that still feels silky smooth. Attune is also multifunctional, so I run any excess product on my hands through the bottom of my hair to condition and tame split ends before I blow-dry.

Helpful tip: Make sure to wash hands thoroughly before applying face serum or moisturizer. Body oil on your face or neck is likely to clog pores and cause breakouts.

The Faux Suede Miniskirt

Jolt Perforated Faux Suede Miniskirt

This past Friday, I wrote about a miniskirt I love for fall that has a folksy feeling. The Jolt skirt above is another option with a similar vibe. I couldn’t resist featuring it as this Monday’s ‘Spotlight’ because I’m obsessed with every detail. First, it’s high-waisted and short as can be (my favorite silhouette because it makes my legs look longer). Second, it’s faux suede, so it’s cruelty free and affordable (only $48!). And third, the suede is perforated, so it has a modern, sporty spin.

I can’t stress how convenient a neutral miniskirt like this would be to have in your closet. It’s got the potential to look amazing with just about any top or sweater, and it’s the perfect excuse to show off your legs until winter warrants tights and ankle boots. What do you guys think? Do you want to see me style it for the blog?


This Pixie Market miniskirt is close to the top of my fall wish list. The folk pattern and mod feel makes for a versatile staple that can be paired with every slouchy sweater, structured jacket, high or low ankle bootie, pair of tights or knee-high wool sock under the sun. It’s also a steal at only $42.

As always, just click on each item above directly to shop. Have a fantastic weekend loves!

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